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iFi Smart Tag™ iOS for iPhone 4S & 5

Quick Overview

The iFi Smart Tag™ and iPhone (4S & 5 only) connect over Bluetooth like a wireless leash and keep track of each other. Simply attach the Tag to keys, purse, or your very personal tool box. From your phone you can page the tag or just press the button on the tag to page your phone. Multiple tags can be attached to one phone… it means you can track your keys, purse, lap top and other valuables and even loved ones from your iPhone.

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Girl with iFi iOS TagPeace of Mind

When keys or purse or any other item you are tracking gets separated or left behind and goes out of range, your iPhone alerts you immediately that they are left behind – that is ultimate protection and “Peace of Mind”.  Tag starts beeping as well when you leave your iPhone behind.  Now you will never lose your phone again.

Help locate your valuables on map

If you leave your valuables behind, the iFi System will send you an email with Google map showing last location of disconnect.  You will know exactly where you left your valuables.  It helps find your lost items .. that is convenience.

No unnecessary alarm – Safe Zone feature

When you are at home or in office, you do not want to get alert all the time when you get separated with items you are tracking.  No worry – safe zone mode provide automatic geo fence settings ensuring you will not be disturbed while you are at home or in office.

iFi Smart TagsEasy to connect – Easy to Use

You can easily connect the iFi Smart tag™ to virtually any items you want to track and do not want to lose.  A simple intuitive App is easy to navigate and use.  Even my mother can use it.

Simple.. Simple..Simple

Simple design, long lasting battery, one touch operation – all together iFi Smart Tag™ is a real simple device which protects your valuables, keeps eye on your loved ones and provides Peace of Mind